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About Us

Dr.Janardhanam ,Professor of Orthodontics and General Dentist, is the founder of Dr.Jana’s Dental and Orthodontic Centre. He not only is an expert in Orthodontics who guides post graduates students in the Orthodontic speciality, but is also a renowned General Dental Practitioner.Apart from his rich experience of 30 plus years, he is also appropriately trained and Certified in Recent Developments like Implant Dentistry , LASER Dentistry and so on. His son, Dr.Abhishek Janardhanam follows his footsteps and is not only an Orthodontist, but also super-specialises in Invisible Braces with an International Certification. Ever since its inception in the year 1985, Dr.Jana’s Dental Clinic has been the most preferred Dental Solutions Centre for people of all ages and all walks of life. This is attributed to their dedicated patient care and the extensive knowledge in their arena of practice. Due to this fact, the clinic has been visited not only by patients within India, but across the globe.

Professor Dr.Janardhanam believes that delivery of quality dental treatment begins at creating a patient-friendly environment, adhering to stringent aseptic methods. The clinic is updated appropriately in accordance with the recent advancements in Dentistry, thus making it accessible for all their patients. Despite being a very famous and sought after Orthodontic speciality, the clinic boasts of an equally excellent General practice ranging from Root Canal treatments, Crowns,Cosmetic dentistry with the most biocompatible teeth bleaching techniques, Replacement of lost teeth by Fixed Dentures and Implants, Esthetic and High strength fillings for cavities on all surface of the teeth, LASER assisted Painless Gum treatments and other Minor surgeries , with special attention for Pediatric and Geriatric needs. The clinic has expierenced visiting consultants for certain advanced procedures as well.

The clinic also boasts of being a family clinic for most of their clientele, with a lot of referral from their patients based on their own experience. The clinic is located at Prime locations at KK Nagar and Chinmaya Nagar and operates 8 hours a day, (except Sundays) with flexible appointments for the working class.